Virtual Capture

Virtual Capture

Engaging marketing collateral for an exciting new real estate product.

Matterport scanning is an amazing tech innovation allowing fast and accurate 3D scanning of properties which can then be uploaded anywhere with internet. Virtual Capture specialise in the delivery of this product and advising on further integrations that can make the scan work harder for you. They came to Walktrue looking to help present this in the best possible way and have partnered with us to provide the additional tech integrations that make their product stand out in the market.
Walktrue were given the existing brand elements and tasked with creating the website and marketing brochure.  Special attention was given to the user journey through the site as well as the ability to host their stunning VR experiences.  Alongside this we were able to offer management consultancy to establish what product integrations were possible to link the incredible matterport scans with other prop-tech products like booking systems and virtual reality in order to make their offering unique in the marketplace.

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Their cgi’s were so good I had to check it was not a photo. Fast turn around, excellent service I would highly recommend.

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