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Luxury brochure creation for a new London developer

REDD is an established Monagasque development company. Having partnered with renowned development manager Russell Smithers the team were launching REDD London. This junction provided an opportunity to review everything from branding to website and marketing collateral. Having worked with the team early in the process on initial logo concepts Walktrue were asked to roll out the REDD brochure.

To evoke a high-end feeling we knew that the REDD brochure needed to embody the words spacious and luxurious. We achieved this by utilising a limited colour pallet and bespoke textures, rather than traditional real estate images. The minimal use of colour not only allows the other design aspects to speak for themselves but also lends itself to a variety of other marketing materials such as on site PPE, clothing and even company umbrellas.

Combining these minimalist and effective design choices with lots of white space and perfectly prioritised information we ensured the brochure reflected the core principles that REDD apply to their developments.

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Their cgi’s were so good I had to check it was not a photo. Fast turn around, excellent service I would highly recommend.

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