Project Hem

Interior Designer
David Collins
Project Management

From spatial layouts to the door handles Walktrue virtual reality brings the design process to life.

Project Hem was the construction of an outstanding family home in Chelsea. Walktrue were brought on board to translate the myriad of technical drawings from an extensive design team into an experiential environment. This allowed the client to test various design ideas virtually before making a final choice to execute on site. The project ran over 6 months with frequent updates and saved the client thousands in on site changes. Walktrue were also commissioned to model the client’s furniture so the model could be used for the FF+E placement process allowing a smooth removal day!

Filled with imaginative design and exceptional finishes, Project Hem went on to win an award as Best Residential Project in London in the United Kingdom Property Awards. Most importantly though it is now home to a fantastic family who were able to
translate their virtual world into a stunning reality.

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We can rely on Walk True to produce excellent CGI’s within a short timeframe, meeting the high expectations of our clients. We are very happy with their services to date and have recommended them to a number of clients and other agents

Tiffany Luckett, Savills Central London Retail

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