Arriving in Style




REDD London



Who were we talking to?

Everyone who will listen. So long as they can afford Mayfair houses of course.

Tell me more!

The REDD London brochure was a really great challenge for the team. Made to launch a new division of this well established Monagas firm we had to have impact without putting off the old guard.

The very epitome of classic contemporary the final product said everything you need to know without even reading a word. Not that we scrimped on the copy writing either. To put the cherry on the cake this client even came out with one of our favourite opening lines to date: ‘world class locations come with first class expectations’.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Redd Real Estate blue brochure cover against white background
REDD concept logo on various materials
Images of the inside pages of the Redd Real Estate brochure
Internal brochure pages of the Redd Real Estate brochure
Redd Brand Concept Logo