Welcome to the future; we have renewable energy here. 

We’re a future focused business here at WalkTrue so we were really excited to see the share of electricity provided by renewable energies reached a record high in 2019 in the UK at 37.1% (gov.uk) and that it’s the fastest-growing energy source in the United States (Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions).

As we move towards this greener future, getting everyone on board and keeping them informed is key. Easy to understand visuals which are easy on the eye and get the point across are a great way to achieve this, whether you’re presenting data to prove the viability of your latest project or need to get your design through a planning committee.

Let’s take a look at how a strong set of visual assets can help the renewables industry in a few areas – the only limit is your imagination!

Data doesn’t lie.

Investors, business owners, the media and consumers are all clamouring for data to demonstrate that what you’re offering is worth it. While we love raw data, it’s not easily accessible to most people so creating something that makes that data easier to digest is an important step in ensuring whoever you’re talking to grasps what that data means for renewables generally and for them.

When it comes to renewable energy, demonstrating the increase in generation and the increase in demand is a key factor in proving viability. Our World In Data has a selection of maps and graphs to help with this but adding your own data sets and presenting them in a set of beautiful branded visuals is what takes your presentations to the next level.

Map showing the annual change in renewable energy generation globally in 2019.Renewables are still the new kid on the block so no documentation is complete without data sets which explain and sell the concept of green energy alongside your specific offering.

Oliver Green of Savills and I discussed why how you present data is the big challenge for everyone at the moment but whatever you need to demonstrate, data visualisation has got you covered. From moving maps which show energy consumption over time to graphs which morph into images with highlighted sections to videos which allow for audio explanations – if you know what your audience needs to understand, we can make it happen.

Making it a no-brainer for investors.

Lots of investors are looking to diversify their portfolios and expand into renewable energy but, at the same time, there are more opportunities to do just that than ever before. Standing out while still getting across the tangible benefits to potential investors can be a challenge and it’s another area where visualisations give you the edge.

When planning your pitch it’s important to consider how much your potential investors know about the renewables industry. Pitching to a (virtual) room full of industry experts requires very different information than a room of people who can’t tell you how a solar panel works. Tailoring the visuals in your presentation to your audience ensures nobody is left wondering how your idea actually works or why it’s a game changer. 

Additionally, having the key points of your pitch in mind when planning your presentation enables you to focus on numbers, facts and information which reinforces the big positives at regular intervals using a variety of different methods. Punctuate your material with stunning CGIs or VR of your idea and sexy graphs of the return on investment from other projects to really drive home the possibilities and build excitement, making the decision to invest a whole lot easier.

Getting a yes on renewable plants and farms.

Despite renewables being flavour of the month right now, they’re not an automatic yes for planning permission so ensuring your application makes what you’re proposing, and the benefits of it, clear is still important.

I’ve shared some of the tricks I’ve learned from my decade in the property industry to help you get a yes on your planning applications in this episode of WalkTrue TV.

The future is green.

Making renewable energy the new normal is something we’re passionate about so if you’re aiming to go mainstream with your eco-offerings this year, give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you do that.

Stay safe and stay positive,
Patrick Lambert (Director)