It’s been a year, lads. 

At the start of the year we would never have guessed that our end of year report would be about how to survive a pandemic but here we are. We’re honoured to have traversed this new world with some of the best and brightest across industries and learned a lot along the way.

While we’re all hoping that 2021 brings with it solutions and normality, we all know that when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st the ghosts of this year won’t vanish. Fortunately there are still opportunities to be had and changes to be made to mitigate the difficulties of this year. We’ve put together some of the best advice from our clients to help you take control of your new year direction.

Keep planning and embrace digital – Umayr Ismail, EcoWorld.

You’ve heard it all year but getting online really is the ultimate way to pandemic and future proof your business. Whether you switch to ecommerce, hire a social media manager, lean in to virtual events or step up your digital marketing, there are so many opportunities once you embrace the digital revolution.

“I feel 2020 has impacted all roles but from my own experience it’s about continuously planning ahead and using more digital platforms to get in touch with people.” – Umayr Ismail, marketing executive EcoWorld London.

EcoWorld London opted to see what VR and outstanding promotional videos could do for them with their recent project, The Claves. When they asked us to create a virtual marketing suite for them we couldn’t wait to show them what was possible and it’s safe to say they were impressed by the final product.

Read the room – Sarah Dello Russo, Banham Security.

We’ve seen some of the best and worst responses to brand campaigns this year as some really hit the mark with their messaging while others seemed to not understand their audience at all. Staying tuned in to your clients, customers and staff is more important than ever to ensure your brand stays on the right side of social media.

“Reading the room is key. It’s imperative to find the appropriate messaging that resonates with customers – especially given the current climate. We also use analytics to understand customers’ needs, behaviour and follow social trends and relevant keywords to understand sentiment on the current climate and to potentially inform any marketing.” – Sarah DelloRusso, Banham

Here at WalkTrue our response to the confusion and stress we saw in our clients and colleagues was to share practical advice in the form of our WalkTrue TV series. The series has been so well received that it gave us the opportunity to interview Ollie Green of Savills for two episodes demonstrating the power of tuning into what your people need and collaboration.

Take your networking online – Nick Walton at Walton Wagner.

Social distancing has been tough on both a personal and business level. Many of us are accustomed to meeting new leads at networking events and sealing the deal with a handshake, neither of which have been possible during covid. Our need to interact with each other is strong so we’re thankful to see the innovations in virtual events allow people to stay connected while staying safe.

“Our industry is very network centric… we have had to learn how to network via Zoom, Teams and Skype. We have joined online virtual networking forums, taken part in webinars and sat on virtual panels to broaden our exposure and market presence. We have joined in on virtual wine tasting events, cocktail evenings and pub quizzes all organised by very clever technologically savvy hosts with mini bottles of wine arriving the afternoon of the event, etc.” – Nick Walton at Walton Wagner.

At the start of the pandemic when “virtual events” meant a group Zoom call, many of us were struggling with fatigue from that style of socialising but in a few short months events have been transformed. Now companies like TrueEvents are offering experience and connection led events entirely online with the ability to include some real world aspects delivered to your door.

Check in with your connections – Phil Cheevers at Cheevers Howard.

We’ve all been affected differently by the isolation the pandemic has brought so checking in on your connections seems like a no brainer. Whether that’s shooting a valued client an email inviting them to a video catch up or giving your elderly neighbour a call to give them someone to talk to, it’s important to remember that we need to be physically, not emotionally, distancing.

“The lockdown has been a time for reaching out to our industry partners to see if they need our support and to take time to check in and see how they are, not just from a business perspective. Communication is key at times like this, and whilst our client outreach has been ongoing we also identified a need to launch an internal comms piece to help our teams feel more connected.” – Phil Cheevers at Cheevers Howard

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We can do this together.

One thing we’ve learned this year is that supporting each other is key. None of us can weather this storm alone but together we can guide each other through it.

Whether you’re one of our wonderful clients, a member of our email list or following us on LinkedIn, we’re here for you and we wish you a peaceful Christmas.

Stay safe and keep selling,
Patrick Lambert (Director) & the WalkTrue team.