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Property launches are a tried and tested way to sell developments but many developers and agents think they simply can’t be shifted online. After all, how do you replicate actually visiting the development, chatting to the sales team and or being offered engaging events to demonstrate a locational lifestyle?

We dug deep into this question and it brought up another more important one; what makes property launches such a good way to sell?  We think they:

  • give a focus point for the initial marketing; 
  • create a buzz and sense of urgency;
  • show the best points of the development;
  • provide the opportunity to experience the development;
  • allow sales teams to gather contact details; and 
  • engage personally with interested parties.

Then we considered how these key sales opportunities could be covered as effectively by moving to a virtual base and now we’re going to share the juicy details with you.


The build up to the launch itself is everything. Kicking off your launch marketing with brand building content lays the foundation for an event filled with exactly the kind of people who want what you’re offering. This is also the start of SEO building for your development and with the most expensive real estate industry keyword CPC being $95 (WordStream, 2020), a strong organic set up will save you some cash.

Virtual property launches offer another way to solidify your brand by providing a branded virtual environment with pre-released content for potential buyers to explore. This is the perfect opportunity to begin dropping in aspirational elements, building the idea of the lifestyle a buyer can expect in your development.

Offering the opportunity to engage with agents early on is another powerful way to ensure your development sells fast, so including this option virtually is a no-brainer. While an in person visit allows buyers to explore in a more tangible way, it puts the onus on them to ask the right questions. During a virtual tour key information, FAQs and the option to speak to an agent can fly in and out as the development is explored, pre-empting common questions and encouraging buyers to get their concerns addressed immediately.

Something that physical visits simply can’t compete on is the data tracking and access to potential buyers 24/7 and, in an age of endless options, that information and connection can often be the deciding factor. During the pre-launch phase this allows you to keep in contact with anyone who’s shown interest, send them personal invites to the launch event and begin to build a relationship with them all while ensuring future events and information are tailored to their wants, needs and questions.

Launch event

On launch day, several key points have to be hit to convert attendees to buyers: all of them can be achieved virtually.

  1. Development introduction
    Whether you opt for a live session, a pre-recorded video or another medium to introduce people to your development, this is key in setting expectations and providing essential information which enables buyers to make their decisions.
  2. Affirm the brand
    Level up your lifestyle-led marketing strategy during the event by offering, for example, a live online yoga session at the event to demonstrate the fitness facilities, a drone video of the local area to show off the incredible location or even a cook-a-long to instil a sense of community.

3. Virtual tour
Is there any better way to show your development in the best light than a live virtual tour? No wild weather or out of place furniture casts a shadow on your project while your sales team guide attendees around a high resolution, virtual reality complex.

4. Meet the agents
The chance for the agents to introduce themselves and get chatting to interested parties is where the magic happens. Q&A sessions ensure that any confusion can be cleared up and objections dealt with before they have time to choke a deal.
Importantly, there is no loss of human connection in the virtual space; it simply offers a safer and more accessible way to achieve it.  With closed captions and translations easily included, these interactions become accessible to people across the globe.

Throughout all of this, your online platform is capturing data, any data you’re interested in; who spoke with which agent; who wanted more information about which aspects; where people lost interest; and more. There’s no easier way to follow up with exactly the right questions and information and even improve things for your next launch event.

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We all know it doesn’t end there and with a virtual property launch you can offer access to legacy content so attendees can relive the event itself or experience it at a later date if they missed it. Offering self-tour 3D models with bookable live tours and agent meetings, or live chats, allows you to retain the personal touch in a 24/7 sales environment.

3D models can also be easily updated and new content added. They can even house ongoing marketing events and video content.

“Homes sell an average of 10 days faster and for $50,100 more than comparable homes when offering 3D walkthroughs, advanced presentation technology, and great customer service.” – Redfin.

The best of both worlds

As lockdown restrictions ease, we are thrilled to see in-person property launch events starting again.  And now their effectiveness can be increased by clever use of the virtual dimension. Successful property marketing takes the best of what these two options have to offer and combines them to create an irresistible marketing strategy for quicker sales.

Get in touch to discuss how hybrid property launches can work for you.

Stay safe and keep selling,
Patrick Lambert

Patrick Lambert WalkTrue