Boris says build!

Boris Johnson’s vow to “build, build, build” to help the economy recover from COVID is coming to fruition with an overhaul of the planning process. Certain homes will get automatic “permission in principle,” speeding up the entire process and offering a huge opportunity to developers.

Alongside this news there are worries of a recession so ensuring your investments pay off is especially important, which is where CGI and VR comes in. Far from being an optional extra, these technologies save developers like you money at every stage of the process.

Here’s why you can’t afford to ignore CGI and VR right now.

  • No more expensive mistakes

Sometimes you just don’t know if something is going to work until you’ve seen it and walked around it; is that wall the great idea you think it is, will the quirky angle on that staircase be a selling point or a turn off, is it just too far from the front door to the kitchen? These decisions are key in creating homes which work for day to day living and realising your ideas don’t work mid-build can cost you a lot, including your hair! (We are absolutely not speaking from experience…)

“The best way to understand space is to experience it.” – Ben Collins, Director Walktrue.

Architectural drawings have their place but they don’t allow you to experience the thing you’re designing. That experience is key in occupier led design so imagine you could leap into that drawing, move things around and tweak your design until it’s practically perfect in every way. Fortunately you don’t need Mary Poppins for this, you just need your architectural drawing turned into a VR experience.

Making it so easy to experiment with design also allows architects, designers and developers like those at Avanton to go wherever their imagination takes them, inspiring totally new and boundary pushing builds which is something we love to see.

  • Permission in principle granted

Red tape is being cut but that’s no reason to not make giving you the final OK as easy as possible for the local authority you’re working with.

Providing all the relevant information in an easily digestible format makes it so much easier, and therefore faster, for planners to give you the go ahead. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text so providing lots of visuals is key; great photos of the location, CGIs or VR of your development and a well presented PDF will make your application an easy yes.

Check out our top 3 tips for planning on Walktrue TV.

  • Marketing: check

You’ve got the perfect design and the green light from planning, now it’s time to start selling. While the site is being prepared, you already have everything you need to let potential buyers visit your finished development; simply use your VR model from steps one and two in your marketing suite.

Did we just save you a whole load of time, money and stress figuring out how to market that development? Yes we did. You’re welcome.

Adding in some lifestyle elements and using that to create a strong message about the feel of living in your home across other marketing materials gives you a 5 star property marketing strategy at no extra cost. Zoopla has reported that some buyers and renters are willing to put in an offer on the strength of a virtual viewing alone as the ongoing pandemic makes in-person viewings difficult, so there really has never been a better time to sell off-plan.

The swiss army knife in a developer’s toolkit

Technology like CGI and VR truly is the kind of adaptable and essential tool that all innovative developers need. With property development likely to increase now the bureaucracy’s been reigned in, creativity in design and marketing is what’s going to make your project stand out.

Contact us now to get back to building without the recession worries.

Stay safe and get building,
Patrick Lambert

Patrick Lambert WalkTrue