We love events so we’ve been sad to see the endless list of cancellations and postponements. Businesses are losing cash they’d invested to host huge conferences, speakers are losing work, locations are losing income. On an individual level people are also coming to terms with the event they’d been looking forward to for months being cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Ay Corona! It certainly feels like it’s all doom and gloom on the conference front.

Enter WalkTrue’s latest offering; True Events.

When a brief landed on our desks to help a company bring their exhibition to life, we started by asking ourselves what are the three core features that make conferences, exhibitions and events great? Our answers:

– Engaging and insightful industry experts giving talks with Q+A

– Exhibition stands showcase products but with human interaction to discuss any thoughts or requirements

– An immersive environment means you see things you didn’t necessarily expect to pick up on


Then we devised a platform which could provide value during lock down but also well into the future adding value to the event space offering. The result was so powerful it deserved to be a product in its own right so we are proud to announce the launch of TrueEvents, a digital events platform for Covid and beyond.


Trade shows, conferences and expos. Oh my!

If you think your event can’t be brought online, think again! With virtual reality and our toolbox of nifty tech tricks, WalkTrue can take (almost) any event from on location to on the sofa.

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Training and courses
  • Team building events
  • Expos
  • and more!

With virtual events you not only get the in-person experience through interactive exhibition halls, live speakers and sales stands but also all the benefits of being online. Attendees can favourite stands they want to return to, attend everything that’s going on and even arrive late and not miss a thing!

Not convinced? Challenge us to bring your event online!

Online events also offer the unique opportunity to track attendees specific interests, target them with perfectly suited offerings and follow up on already warm leads, for example those who favourited a stand. There’s also no need to worry about someone filming your event and posting it for free later, with content protection the entire experience is kept truly exclusive.

Facilitating connections is a key part of any event and there’s no need to lose out on the social aspect just because you’re moving online. We have a variety of ways to allow attendees to connect with each other and with hosts, speakers and sales reps before, during and after the event itself.


How does it work?

To start, our experienced, innovative team quiz the events organisers to find out exactly what you had planned and what’s important to you. We then create a strategy that ticks all the boxes, presenting you with a clear plan as to how your event will work online.

No, you don’t need VR headsets for everyone!

With so many options whether you choose to go all-in or select the specific elements that fit your plans and budget, your event is guaranteed to impress, inspire and engage.

Once you give us the OK, we set to work building your virtual location, website, collating materials, and putting together an award winning marketing campaign to ensure a bustling virtual experience. We work closely with speakers, organisers and everyone else involved to ensure your event is brought to life perfectly and without any technical hitches.

Virtual can’t beat in-person, right?


With the ability to walk around the location, view stands and advertising, attend talks and chat with both fellow attendees and sales representatives, you’d be surprised just how real it can feel.

Within the experience we can embed a wide variety of event essentials including

  • Videos
  • Interactive presentations
  • Live video chats with sales representatives


Sounds like a big investment…

If this all seems like a lot of work for a one off event, your virtual events can also be turned into an app for on-the-road sales teams, or repurposed on your website and across marketing materials for years to come. Now that’s a better investment than event branded t-shirts!

A product for the future

True Events isn’t a make-do product for times when physical events aren’t possible, it’s the future of events. For accessibility, reach and ensuring attendees get the most from what you’re offering, virtual events really are the way to go.

Running physical and online events side by side allows you to reach a global audience and welcome attendees who are unable to attend in person for any reason. It’s also a great way to allow attendees to revisit certain sessions, stands and speakers, without the distractions that can happen in person.

Did you know that within the VR experience we can embed live video chats with sales reps?

No more panicking that you missed the session with your favourite speaker; you can catch it online. Forgot to visit that booth that caught your eye just as Karen started a conversation about the changes to landlord’s rights? You can nip over when you get home and check it out digitally, including chatting to the sales rep.

Whether you’re selling, educating, entertaining or inspiring, virtual events are the future and, in case you hadn’t noticed, the future is now!

To bring your events online, speak to our team now. We’re waiting to give you and your attendees the experience of a lifetime.