Nailing International Property Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We live in a global economy; clients, partners and investors are spread across the world. Many businesses insist on hanging on to traditional ways of doing business; meeting clients in person, holding events which require everyone to travel, shaking hands. As the coronavirus pandemic makes these options more difficult, we have some suggestions to bring international property marketing into the new decade and beat the outbreak.

Send the show-home to the customer

Visiting a show-home is so last decade! Technologies which allow customers to visit the show-homes from the comfort of their sofa (and without their coronavirus survival kit) are an economically and ecologically friendly alternative. One virtual model can be used in all your marketing materials from brochures to websites to marketing experiences, reducing your margins and directly impacting your bottom line. Additionally, less travel for both clients and staff reduces the environmental impact of your development and saves more money on fuel; everybody wins.

Offering the option to not only explore the show-home but to change the decor is a powerful way to encourage customers to emotionally invest in your development and begin to see it as their home. These changes are quick and easy to make in a virtual environment but make a big difference to how buyers envision themselves in the property.

‘Listings with virtual home tours get 87% more views’ – Realtor

With record numbers of people living and working abroad, a global marketplace and the ease with which buyers can personalise a show-home, the ability to house-hunt remotely is often the difference between buying your development or a competitors. If we’re all under pandemic curfews it might be the only way to house-hunt soon!

Off plan and on point

From exploring the location, visiting the development and discovering the amenities, virtual marketing suites are an essential part of off-plan selling. With people avoiding being out and about too much while coronavirus stalks the streets, the chance to grab the attention of more impulsive buyers is high. Casual scrolling and “let’s just see what’s available” searches are common ways to counteract cabin fever and prime opportunities for real estate professionals.

Combining all the benefits of virtual show-homes with the ability to get a bird’s eye view of the local area gives potential buyers a clear understanding of the development as a whole. Checking out places of interest and getting to know the surroundings of a potential home only adds to the lifestyle they begin to see themselves living in the property.

‘Through digital marketing 72% more unplanned purchases are achieved’ – ThinkMobiles

For developments with their own amenities, it’s a great opportunity to showcase everything your complex has to offer. Whether you opt for fully experiential marketing or stick to videos images, off-plan developments always benefit from aspirational marketing.

The personal touch

Embracing technology doesn’t mean losing the personal touch. Websites and digital brochures offer the opportunity to not only introduce your representatives but make it very easy for potential buyers to connect with them directly. Audio or video calling means you can answer questions about the development and even virtually walk through the property or surrounding area with them, while screen sharing allows you to discuss the specifications in real-time, assist with paperwork or share your favourite parts of the property.

Bringing a human element to international property marketing means everyone gets the best of both worlds and nobody needs to don a not very sexy mask!

Merging digital and physical

If you’re ready to step into a truly international way of selling property where neither time-zones nor physical location are a barrier to reaching your clients, speak to our team now. With a decade of experience and trusted by some of the biggest names in property, no one is better placed to give your customers the experience they deserve.

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