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Virtual Reality

Who were we talking to?

A very cool private client. I guess her husband too…

Tell me more!

Project Hem was a casual 9,000 sq ft of Chelsea Mansion on possibly the very best square in the area. We worked with a kick ass client on bringing to life her vivid imagination and to test and approve design ideas before the house was built.

It all started in the bar, most good things do. Having realised that with a bit of moving walls the client could make a bar where once there had been a toilet it was all hands on deck to bring that to life before the works began. We translated every detail from bespoke door handles made from a cast of the client’s fist to an, let’s just call it, exceptional wash hand basin.

Over 15 revisions of the model the client was able to narrow down her dream with total knowledge of what it would look like when built.

We’ve been for coffee and we are proud to say the virtual reality definitely does do it justice. A super cool house for a super cool family.

Project Hem Office CGI
Project Hem Cinema Room CGI
CGI image of a residential bar area with tiled floor and panelled ceiling
Handdrawn design sketch and final CGI image