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A hotel owner, a hotel operator, a hotel manager and two celebrity chefs.

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Sofitel Brussels is a busy and successful hotel. However, the owners identified an opportunity to increase restaurant revenue with a new design and celebrity chefs so plans were drawn up.

Take a hotel owner, add the board of the largest hotel operator in Europe, a manager and two particular and successful chefs into the pot and it was ready to boil. The challenge now was to get several different stake-holders with no experience of CAD drawings and mood boards to understand what world renowned designer Russell Sage had planned.

With only a week to deliver, WalkTrue were asked to reduce the heat by producing perfect 8k resolution 360 degree images of the Bar, Restaurant and Entrance Lobby for presentation by the designer. It was a good week for Redbull as shares rocketed on the back of our bulk buying but come Monday morning the team were given every detail to consider and sign off.

Just to sweeten the deal the images were then made available for the marketing team to use on the website.

Photograph of a lady and man crossing a zebra crossing in London

 International Collaboration 

 Client: Connaught Investments 

 International Collaboration 

 Client: Connaught Investments 
Photograph showing the finished design of the Sofitel Hotel in Brussels CGI image showing the proposed design for the Sofitel Hotel restaurant in Brussels
Photograph of the Sofitel Hotel Bar in Brussels
Photograph of a luxury plate of sushi