The Power of: Real Estate CGI

This month in our “The Power Of” series we are looking at the use of CGI in real estate marketing.

Already popular with architects and developers who understand the power of truly seeing a project before it is realised, CGI is still under-utilised in the marketing side of real estate. With buyers often more wary of off-plan developments and many, understandably, preferring to purchase homes they can view in person, this technology offers an instant, immersive impact which eases buyer scepticism and helps to build trust.


CGI in Property Marketing

Going beyond size, scale and layout, property CGI can also build in lifestyle elements, allowing prospective buyers to begin emotionally investing in a project before a single brick has been laid. These kinds of images, which deliver scene setting, turn a building into a desirable environment and are some of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. You might consider it the digital equivalent of property staging, making the property feel homely while also leaving enough room for imaginations to run wild. Beautiful images are also a relatively simple way to take all your other marketing materials to the next level.

With digital marketing now a key part of real estate marketing as a whole, visuals have become even more important and, for developments and off-plan sales, real estate CGI offers a powerful way to promote your project on social media and beyond well before completion. Adding a lifestyle element also enables you to leverage content marketing, a key trend for 2019 which is likely to continue going forward.

External view of the Croxted Road residential development showing a detached and semi-detached property

The likes of Savills, Walton Wagner, Meadway Homes and Knight Frank are all embracing technology and leading the way in creative real estate marketing. We have had the pleasure of working with all of them to bring a variety of their projects to life. From impactful, engaging animations and crafted architectural stills, computer-generated imagery can turn every detail of the project from a drawing into an experience, leading to more enquiries and quicker sales.


Architectural Visualisation

Architects and developers were quick to embrace CGI, realising the benefits of adding more realistic and easy to understand visuals to their funding and planning pitches. Fleshing out architectural drawings and offering investors more engaging imagery ensures that your vision is truly understood and properly valued by those less familiar with the industry. A more accessible pitch also allows you to target investors who may have no real estate experience or understanding but who may be passionate about specific parts of your project such as its eco-friendly credentials.

At WalkTrue you are in safe hands as our award-winning team, who have provided animation projects for the likes of Adidas, Nike, Fifa, Formula E and Trivago, work alongside our real estate experts with their decade of industry experience. Whether creating visuals for marketing or transforming your drawing into a photo-like image, we ensure that every scene becomes an experience. To discuss your needs and how we can help you, contact us.