Walktrue Workshop: Highwood House

To clearly explain the power of the website and how it works in practice, our Walktrue Workshop this month focuses on Highwood House.

Walktrue had the pleasure of working with Knight Frank on many aspects of Highwood House’s marketing including CGI, branding and VR but for this article we’re going to deep dive into the website we created.



After planning permission was granted for an exceptional 16,000 sq ft family home in an AONB just outside Watlington the owner was left with a challenge; how to sell the dream of this new home with nothing more than the site occupied by a few run down buildings.

WalkTrue were tasked with creating a suite of marketing materials which would adequately convey the grandeur of the proposed new home within this exceptional setting that commands far reaching views. A key part of this strategy was the website which would bring all the material together in one high end, lifestyle led, subtle sales pitch.



For this kind of off-plan selling it is always important to focus on the type of consumer likely to purchase the property. The initial stages of this project were establishing who that ideal consumer is and building up an image of what they want; from a home, from an investment, from life.

Armed with this information, Walktrue were able to create fully integrated marketing material for Highwood House which is housed on the website but can also be delivered both on paper and agents platforms.

Image of the Highwood House property website on 4 devices; a laptop, desktop, tablet and phone

The website takes the potential buyer on a journey, allowing them to discover the proposed home and the life they could lead there. The target consumer was identified as time poor and likely international. With this in mind the site needed to achieve two things beyond showing the home; firstly it must convey the core information quickly and have an instant impact, secondly it needs to communicate information about the locations to someone who may never have heard of Henley let along Watlington.

To achieve this we started with spaciousness, making the stunning location and views a key part of all the marketing materials as they lend themselves to the lifestyle being sold. Key information about the planned home and the locality sit alongside beautifully crafted CGI of the house itself making it easy to take in the facts and figures.

With the ability to flick through the digital brochure, view the floor plans and watch the lifestyle led video all on the site, potential buyers can fully understand the exciting opportunity on offer with minimal effort. Highwood House is a prime example of the role a website plays in an integrated marketing strategy for a luxury property. Contact us to discuss how your next project can benefit from this kind of marketing.