The Power of: The Real Estate Website

We continue our “The Power Of” series this month by looking at property websites and their role in real estate marketing.

With the internet now an essential part of everyday life many house hunters start their search through Google. Real estate agents were quick to get their businesses online but more and more developers are now realising the power of websites too.



When you consider how consumers are searching for their next home it becomes clear just how important web presence is and why especially large scale and luxury developments need property websites of their own.

In both of these scenarios the consumer is buying far more than just bricks and mortar. In fact they are buying into the entire development; the sense of place, the design, the quality and the new community. While a Rightmove listing can show them a floor plan or a CGI you need a bespoke platform to communicate the selling points of an entire development.

A tailored website will dramatically improve the chance of selling off plan and will grow interest in the scheme to ensure a quick sale when they are complete. Well implemented SEO can ensure that prospective buyers find your project in their initial searching and a professional website means that you know you’re making the best first impression on them.

CGI image of 2 desktop computers, one showing the pinnacle website homepage and one showing the highwood house website

An integrated approach to marketing which combines your website, solidifying your property branding, your social media campaigns and print materials, places you head and shoulders above other projects and squarely into the consciousness of your target market.Once on your website it is now possible to control the customer journey, leading them through relevant information and ensuring they buy into the lifestyle as well as the apartment. Now invested in the idea of the property they eventually arrive at contact details or the option to join the mailing list to be the first to hear more about the development and when it is market-ready.


While the real estate industry has so far avoided too much controversy online it is not something to be complacent about and another key benefit to having a website for your development or project is that it offers you more control over the online presence of your brand. In a world where people can, and do, say what they want on social media, your property development website provides clarity and facts in an easily accessible way. It stands as a constant rebuttal to any negative or false press, should it come your way.

At WalkTrue, our property websites are not only professional and SEO friendly but tailored to each project with the exact features the client requires.  They are compatible with all OS, browsers and devices and bring measurable benefits to our clients. Additionally they can include integration of our VR/AR experiences and other products. To discuss how a real estate development website could benefit your next project, contact us.