The Power of: The Real Estate Brochure

This month we continue our “The Power Of” series by looking at the real estate brochure.

Brochures are a classic and highly effective method of real estate marketing. They are so much a quintessential part of property selling and buying now that most clients expect one. This, of course, raises the question; how do you make your real estate brochure stand out?



Taking the traditional real estate brochure to the next level involves combining the highest quality images and print quality with the story you created through property branding. The next step is applying that brand messaging consistently through each page of your brochure and all other printed materials. Ensure every image, graphic and colour choice evokes your property’s identity and continues to flesh out its character.

To take this one step further, research the area and the target demographic to ensure the copy is fit for the market. Combine this local and social knowledge with lifestyle and experiential content  and your brochure will be the one that people remember.

At WalkTrue we achieve this with an in-house team which rivals the best in the world, years of experience in both marketing and real estate and a dedicated project manager who ensures your brochure conveys all the key, market specific messaging needed.

Image of a print brochure open on the centre spread


We live in a digital world and bringing your brochures into the twenty first century is the only way to reach new demographics and engage with a wider audience. In Hootsuite and We Are Social’s 2019 global digital overview it was reported that there are now 4.388 billion internet users worldwide, an increase of over 9%, and proof that the future is digital.

Including new technology in real estate brochures can bring a property to life in ways a simple, hard copy brochure never will. Whether you choose to make your brochures purely digital, leverage the popularity of apps, or embed them into your website, each of these options brings a variety of possibilities for engaging your audience. In addition, easily shareable brochures also allow for the modern version of word of mouth, social media, to work its magic for you.

For larger scale or luxury projects, including virtual or augmented reality in your digital real estate brochures can take them from impressive to out of this world. The ability to move furniture and change decor allows the client to discover and experience the property in a very personal way. Having seen how excited clients are to experience VR we know that, for the moment, that in itself impresses people but being able to really make oneself at home in a property before even stepping foot in the building is a powerful marketing tool and one that we feel will be fully utilised by many in the near future.

At Walktrue we specialise in progressive real estate brochures which can work with virtual reality and augmented reality and flexible brochures which can be totally digital. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate, marketing, photography and both virtual and augmented reality enables us to provide the best service for all our clients, whatever their specific needs and budget.