WalkTrue Workshop: Kuwait Cultural Centre

To elaborate on our post about the power of photography and video we want to take a deep dive into one of our projects which demonstrates what the theory looks like when put into action; the Kuwait Cultural Centre.

The Walktrue team were honoured to be asked to create the official opening video for the JACC Kuwait Cultural Centre. With a budget of $775 million dollars and the project being one of the biggest ever completed in Kuwait this was a complex job but one which deserved excellence from the Walktrue team.



The client requested a video which was to appear on national television and a series of photos for various international publications and news outlets. They were clear that the video shouldn’t simply explore the space but should explore the journey from construction to completion as well as the whole ethos behind the project.

As a cultural centre, the project aims to “assist in exploring Kuwait’s past, cultivating its present and imagining potential futures.” The space is designed to offer inspiration, cultural education and community to all generations; striving to entertain, educate and inspire the people of Kuwait through a range of events such as music, theatre, film, workshops and spoken word.

Photograph of the Kuwait Cultural Centre buildings


The team was brought on a week before the grand opening. With only 3 days to shoot the whole development and 3 more days to edit and get the film ready for the presentation, it was an intense week for all of us. The video was due to be played on prime time national television so everything had to be ready.

Our team consisted of three cameramen, a producer, a director, a stills photographer and two editors. With such a tight turnaround we off-lined footage every day so that editing could be carried out in the background while the camera team and director could continue to work.

Attention was given to the unique design of the building as well as the cultural opportunities the centre gives to the Kuwaiti population. We focused on how the JACC provides a space for dialogue, sharing and showcasing skills and knowledge and giving younger voices a forum in which to speak. Our team also took care to keep Kuwait’s cultural identity in mind by including a modern, avant-garde and experimental approach to their work.

The final video demonstrates that the cultural centre is more than its stunning architectural design, but exists to provide a platform for educational and cultural exchange and to be an influential entertainment and culture powerhouse and productive space for the region.

After screening on national television the content was cut into smaller, bite-sized videos for social media and other channels and the photography was used national publications and newspapers as well as the centres digital platforms.

The Kuwait Cultural Centre is an excellent example of how video can be utilised to show more than the physical appearance of a space. For lifestyle and experiential marketing, video is an essential piece of the puzzle.