The Power of Real Estate Photography and Video

In the first of our “The Power Of” series we looked at the power of branding in real estate marketing. This month we are building on that by looking at the power of real estate video and photography.

“A picture speaks a thousand words,” so they say and, according to Forrester Research, “Video is about 1,800 times more powerful than words,” but only when they are done well.



First impressions count, especially in home buying. If a customer isn’t impressed or intrigued when they first see a house, they will not ask for further details. Both in agent’s windows and online, photography has the biggest impact on clients and is often their first impression of the property.

Capturing a property in a way that evokes a sense of place and lifestyle is not just a skill, but an art. Even something as seemingly simple as capturing the space in an accurate but alluring way is something that only comes with experience. Whether you are looking to sell a small, family home on its location or layout, or a new development on the lifestyle that goes with it, photography is usually the first way you capture the customer’s attention.

Lady reading a book by the bedroom window

For developers and architects selling your concept to a board or applying for funding for your project, stunning images make your presentations and brochures more professional and engaging. Whether they are large posters on the walls of your meeting room or smaller photographs in your lustrous literature, they bring your ideas to life.



To get maximum impact for minimum effort, pressing play on a video is always high up the list. It only takes one click for the client to be drawn into the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of and that they can attain in your property. A beautiful thumbnail is the most efficient way to elicit enough interest to make that click happen and, with a well researched and created video, the next steps in the customer journey will happen naturally.

The addition of interactive overlays to give project information or instant feedback can make the video experience even more compelling, combined with a well placed call to action this can ensure a follow up phone call or visit. In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

For off plan developments and funding applications, video is even more important. Investing in something you cannot visit or see is generally considered very risky. This can be countered with either a creative, live action video or the use of animation, or even VR, to allow investors to see exactly what you are proposing and begin to buy into your idea.

At WalkTrue we specialise in cinematic, lifestyle-led real estate photography and video that evokes a sense of place and continues the customer journey. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate, marketing, photography and video production enables us to provide the best service for all our clients, whatever their specific needs.