The Power of Property Branding

Branding is how your clients know who you are, what you stand for and how you can help them. Property branding might seem a step too far but is a key part of marketing the property or development in a way that engages and entices your target market. If you don’t know what the property you are selling offers in terms of lifestyle, how will anyone else?

Every property from one bed flats being sold through small, local estate agents to Grand Designs style new builds and beyond has a special something. Part of branding is finding that something and developing it into a fully formed identity, a story that attracts the exact demographic of buyers you are looking for.

Logo design ideas on a double page booklet

A great brand doesn’t happen overnight; creating a brand identity takes time, patience and a knowledge of who you are targeting and the market at large. You can start with the unique selling point of the property or by making a list of adjectives that describe how you want the brand to feel and what thoughts you want it to elicit. The effort that you put in in the initial stages will pay off and make building on that core brand identity much easier later on.


We believe every story starts with a character, so whether you are working on branding a new development company or an exceptional 16,000 sq ft family home, your project needs an identity that evokes its best features and compels the target audience. The character at the heart of the project will inform how your logo will look, what typefaces are options for your website and print materials, what colour palette you will use and even the voice that is used on social media or advertising. Consistency is key in making sure clients can recognise you whether they are scrolling past a tweet, looking at your website or standing at the property holding the brochure. Property branding is how you create that consistency.

Screenshot of the Pinnacle property website homepage

As much as every project is different and needs to be treated as such, there are some general guidelines about what creating a brand identity entails. Remember that your brand can be as complex and in depth, or as simple as your time and budget allows but it needs to be easily applied both online and off and it needs to communicate the core message, the unique selling point, of the property or company. The brand is the first step in selling a lifestyle so ensure that you are designing something desirable with every decision you make.

For developers, architects and agents looking to sell off-plan homes, brand identity is more important than ever. When clients are unable to see or visit the property themselves, selling them the lifestyle they can have by living there becomes even more essential. Whether you communicate that through traditional mediums or decide to embrace the rise of digital, every part of their experience with your project needs to reinforce and build on the story they are creating about how their life will look in that home. Property branding leads your customer on a journey which begins the moment they first hear about your development. Invest in your project’s story and watch it sell itself.