Property Marketing, Social Marketing and the Rise of Digital

The rise of digital is impossible to ignore and yet, in property marketing, new technologies and social habits are not being leveraged by real estate agents, architects, or developers to their full potential.

Hootsuite and We Are Social’s 2019 global digital overview reported that there are now 4.388 billion internet users worldwide, an increase of over 9% and 84% of internet users search online for a product or service to buy during any given month. Embracing the fact that digital continues to boom and changing your marketing tactics accordingly is the only way to stay ahead of the game.

hootsuite infographic about digital and social media around the world

With average users spending 6 and a half hours per day online and 35% of adults being reachable through Facebook ads alone, there is a huge opportunity for the real estate industry to reach more people than ever before. In addition to the huge reach of the internet, 45% of the global population is active on social media where it is possible to tailor advertising to very specific demographics while building trust in your brand through consumer recommendations.

Mobile is by far the fastest growing segment with 52% of the world’s population now using the internet on mobile phones. The ever increasing use of mobile combined with the privacy scandals that have become a regular part of the news cycle has also led to a boom in parts of the internet that feel private such as Stories and Groups. Ads in Stories are now being used by 64% of marketers as it becomes more evident that Stories will soon overtake the traditional feed. Stories have also led to an increase in AR use among brands which is paying off with greater brand awareness and sales increases.

instagram real estate account images screenshot

Messaging apps also continue to rise in popularity leading to new ways to advertise and the need for more informal and personalised advertising. Improvements in chatbot functionality means that many consumers are also happy to have their messages answered by AI rather than human beings, saving time and money for brands who make the initial investment in chatbot set up.

Using Digital for Property Marketing

When it comes to leveraging digital for property marketing there is a number of ways to use digital to build strong brand identity; From a responsive website to use as your project’s digital home, to a social media presence that shares your brand story, to engaging video content and even integrating VR and AR to transport users into the development from their own home or your office, the key is simply to be creative and flexible, tailoring your marketing efforts to the unique aspects of each project.