New Year, New Look

2018 was a big year at Walktrue HQ. Our first full year of trading saw rapid growth with a burgeoning in-house team and a healthy client list.

We brought large agencies into the virtual world, beautiful private residences onto the screen and Hotel and Retail businesses into the future of digital marketing.

To celebrate the New Year we have also launched this sexy new website. It represents not only of our ability    to create slick visuals, responsive web-design and intuitive user experience but is also a symbol of our dedication to digital Real-Estate marking.

city skyscrapers in the fog

Importance of Digital

The digital space is even more important to the Real-estate community in 2019. Gone are the days where consumers lack transparency into an industry that once used to confuse and perplex. This ever expanding transparent digital world demands a different marketing approach; it’s no longer simple to gain the customer’s awareness. Architects, Developers and agencies are forced to compete and set themselves apart more fortuitously than before through service and innovation.

It is an extremely complex field that requires weaving together a number of online marketing disciplines backed-up by deep research and lots of data.

A large percentage of the target audience are already there…

According to a report by The Kelsey Group sellers turn first to newspapers (24%), followed by signs (19%) to advertise, while buyers turn equally to newspapers (30%) and online (30%). And the younger generation, which is the most active real estate-buying age group (18- to 34-year-olds), turns to online sources first.

Online listings, paid search, Internet newspaper and other online sources will drive the Internet ad share to 44.3 percent

It is an exciting new digital world and we at Walktrue are committed to helping our clients make the very most of it through a connected and innovative approach.

Our end-to-end service helps architects, developers, sellers and buyers visualise, experience and sell any plot, project or development.

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